Structural Features
Structural Design Criteria
Structural Design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) Codes.
For all service connections and disposals British / American building codes will be followed. If applicable, Bangladesh Standards & Rajuk’s rules may be followed.
Considering wind velocity 210 kmph according to BNBC.
Earthquake resistance criteria according to BNBC standard for Seismic Zone – 2 is followed in designing the RCC Frame Structure.
60 grade deformed bar are used as reinforcement in RCC Frame Structure.
Residential power supply with separate energy meter for each apartment
Good quality passenger elevators from reputed international manufacturer
Standby Generator (European origin) of required capacity to serve Lift, Pump, Lobbies, Intercom Service, Common spaces like Staircase, Car Parking area and Reception area etc.
Water Reservoir
Underground and overhead RCC water reservoir with continuous pump & standby pump.