It's more than the individual pieces. It's more than the coming together of hardware in an exhibition of engineering harmony. It's more than a structure – silent and lifeless. It's more than the concrete, the doors, the windows, the walls and pipes. It's so, so much more.

It's more than a place to live.

It's a place to be.

Your house is where simply being is the easiest, most gratifying, most heartwarming thing to do – it's your comfort zone, the center of your personal universe. Inside it, you lie down on a hard day's night, inside it your children are kept warm and safe, and in it those singular moments come to pass – those inimitable moments that you'll turn into memories to look back upon.

Your home is where the laughter of everyone you love will be heard. It's your statement to the world. It's all about you. It's where you'll be complete.

It's where you'll be.

It's your testament to happiness.